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Grupo Encanto is proud to present Mar Adentro, its second luxury resort & residences in Mexico: a unique tourist development, with the vision and creativity of Miguel Ángel Aragonés. It features an exceptional 83-suite five-star hotel as well as 106 private residences and 18 estates.

This one-of-a-kind architectural complex is located in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, an enclave formed by desert and sea: behind, arid land, accompanied by the sobriety of cacti and mountains; ahead, the union between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, an infinite blend of blues, and all under the Mexican sun.

In this architectural opus, the first contemporary luxury development of its kind in the region, our goal has been to achieve elegance and comfort, privacy and security. Every detail of this masterpiece has been considered and priority given to the best services and amenities, so that our guests and home owners may enjoy the unique sensation of what it is to truly relax and rediscover the senses. Everything has been planned to achieve wellbeing, relaxation, and peace of mind.

Feeling and enjoying the beauty of space as a staunch value is what Miguel Ángel Aragonés has always sought. He intends to envelop individuals, integrate them, and achieve a unity between them and their surroundings.

“The best way to observe is by forming part of what you are observing,” Aragonés states. “If your space forms part of a landscape, it will expand to the outer limits of your gaze; that is how architecture can become a vital experience.”

Blanco y negro

Where we are

Set on the best beachfront location in San José del Cabo, it is the only luxury resort of the region where the car becomes an accessory rather than a necessity. You will be able to enjoy the artwalk of San José del Cabo and its authentic feel, explore multiple dining options and discover the amazing local culture, as well as enjoy the activities which Mar Adentro by Encanto offers its homeowners and guests.

Mar Adentro by Encanto will become the first property in Mexico to form part of the Autograph Collection by Marriott, giving it an amazing and unique momentum in sales and worldwide operational excellence, so that each homeowner and guest may rest assured that everything will be taken care of.

Grupo Encanto, the hotel and property operator, already operates a similar property in Acapulco, which is now recognized as the best hotel in Acapulco by travelers on TripAdvisor. After opening, it received the 5-star Diamond Award which rates excellence in services, infrastructure and amenities. Grupo Encanto works with the best in the field, and our top priority is to ensure the wellbeing and satisfaction of our guests.

Blanco y negro

The Hotel

At Mar Adentro by Encanto, guests and residents will have access to everything they need without having to leave the architectural complex.

According to Aragonés “Our goal is for each of our homeowners and guests to forget their responsibilities and let us take care of them.”

Every facility acts as a magnificent, on-site approach toward attaining new experiences and a new lifestyle. Mar Adentro is a micro-cosmos, with everything you need close at hand. A space that will redefine the experience of luxury.

Inside the suites, every detail is taken into account. Lighting is thought out and implemented masterfully and with great finesse. The materials used are innovative and long-lasting.

Encanto is the first hotel of the Americas to be tailor furnished by Poliform, the Italian brand renowned for the craftmanship, sobriety and purity of its lines.

Each suite includes elements and services designed for maximum comfort and privacy: a private swimming pool, an interactive and digital service panel, and individual coffee and tea room service, among other amenities, will exceed the expectations of each of our homeowners and guests.

The group spearheading Mar Adentro by Encanto has concerned itself with providing optimum quality in infrastructure and services. It has sought exclusivity and elegance at all times, through the use of any necessary materials and resources. For this project, we used simply the best.

Blanco y negro


Five star – Hotel with all inclusive services

2 oceanfront pools

1 main pool with separate children’s area

Global Award-winning, state-of-the-art St Barths Spa, the first of its kind in Latin America

Private beach club

Beach lounge area

Pool lounge area

3 world-class restaurants

Mar Adentro Bar and Lounge

State-of-the-art lounge cinema with screenings of most recent movies

State-of-the-art Gym featuring Kinesis machines

Yoga and Pilates section

Beauty Center

Mar Adentro Kids’ Club

The Plaza at Mar Adentro for an exclusive  shopping experience

Multipurpose rooms for conferences and events

Meeting rooms with multimedia connections

Business Center

Blanco y negro


  • Private airport transportation to and from the hotel
  • Personalized pre-arrival menu of services
  • Tailor-made check-in services
  • Daily Turndown and Pantry services
  • Daily Newspaper services
  • 24/7 Room Service
  • Nanny and babysitting services
  • Private Butler packing and unpacking services
  • Seamstress and laundry services
  • Personal interactive tablet
  • State-of-the-art Digital App services
  • Nespresso machines and capsule services
  • Tea and coffee facilities
  • Digital App on-screen ordering services
  • On-screen shopping
  • In-room world-renowned Spa services
  • Exclusive interactive film and telephone services
  • Color scene menu for lighting system
  • Aromatherapy menu
  • Personalized pillow menu
  • Personalized bathroom amenities menu
  • Personal Trainer services
  • Personal Butler shopping services
  • Private Chef services upon request
Blanco y negro


Mar Adentro by Encanto has chosen to partner with Ligne St Barth for our state-of-the-art Spa space, sharing the common value and goal to give you the best. You will be able to indulge in an exquisite line of Spa products made on the island of St. Barth’s, featuring exotic oils and fragrances from the Caribbean. Pineapple, papaya, melon, passion fruit and mango extracts are found in many of the products.

With each treatment, you will find yourself fully immersed in a therapeutic and sensory experience.

Ligne St. Barth Spa, recognized as one of the top five cosmetic and Spa brands in the world, will be the first to open in all of Latin America. It has received the Spa Diamond Award for product excellence and uniqueness.

The singularity of the architectural vision and avant-garde interior will bring a new level of spa experience to the region.



Blanco y negro


The Plaza at Mar Adentro was conceived to provide the best the world has to offer, enabling our privileged homeowners to experience and explore a harmonious, elegant shopping experience while sustaining the values and aesthetics of Grupo Encanto, which are to value excellence and bring only the best.

Its singular, avant-garde architecture will set a new trend in the region and change our entire concept and way of shopping.

Our homeowners will be able to discover unique brands that range from luxury clothing businesses, and art spaces to their everyday needs.  The entire Plaza will be connected to the digital system, allowing each person to purchase online witin the comfort of their unique home.

Blanco y negro

The Estates

The Estate’s Living Space And Design Will Surpass The Expectations of even the most discerning buyer. Set on the 2 lower platforms closer to the beach in order to maintain privacy, you will experience a whole new way of living as well as the exclusive services tailored to our values here at The Estates.

The living areas have been conceptualized in a whole new dimension; the outdoor spaces include complete facilities of the kind found in the indoor residences as well as exclusive and private rooftop pools, thus extending polyvalence to the way you experience your home.

Each unit is furnished entirely with Poliform—the best the market has to offer—as well as Miele appliances, Samsung systems, Nespresso facilities with capsule menu, state-of-the-art Control4 to handle everything from your tablet to your personalized lighting programs.


Blanco y negro

The Apartments

In the residence at Mar Adentro, we have set a new standard in unique living, helping you forget your cares by putting everything at your fingertips through digital services. Thanks to interactive connectivity throughout the space, everything is only a click or a phone call away.

The apartments, organized in a 6-block compound, all feature full ocean views, as well as a private rooftop pool and individual terrace pools, so that you can enjoy everything from the comfort of your own home. They are set into the central platform surrounding the hotel pool and plaza, which means all of the Mar Adentro facilities are at your doorstep.

We offer the option of one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments, all of which can be tailored to your needs. All living spaces are separate modules which can be linked and joined, either horizontally or vertically.

Each unit is furnished entirely with Poliform—the best the market has to offer—as well as Miele appliances, Samsung systems, Nespresso facilities with capsule menu and state-of-the-art Control4 to handle everything from your tablet to your personalized lighting programs.


The Architecture
Blanco y negro

The Architecture

Time comes to a standstill at Mar Adentro by Encanto so that the viewer can contemplate the immensity of the ocean and feel the touch of wind and breeze everywhere.

“The limit of the view is the horizon, constant and linear; only its mood changes, never its form,” Miguel Ángel Aragonés explains.

The hotel and residences are boxes, chambers suspended over mirrors of sea-water. In them, vegetation, birds, clouds, the Moon and the Sun can contemplate themselves, captivated by a narcissistic enchantment of sorts. They regard one another, find one another and are reunited through the reflection of water as an entire reality.

“I imagined floating houses, houses like boxes that I would harvest in order to trap light. At Mar Adentro, the houses are made of glass on the seaside, and of concrete where they meet both Sun and desert. They are cubes in the middle of the ocean that use water not to navigate, but to sustain life. Everything becomes water, flooding your eyes and running through your body as well.”

Seen from the sky, Mar Adentro by Encanto becomes a harmonic archipelago, a set of small white islets perfectly assimilated into the seascape the architect has procured. A poetic space, where everything flows and melds.

We are surrounded by water; we are also largely composed of water. There, everything floats, and gravity doesn’t seem to exist.

The Architect
Blanco y negro

The Architect

According to Aragonés, architecture has a soul, just like we do.

The purpose of his works is to create harmony between all of its parts.
The value of his spaces resides in their simplicity, in how plainly he presents them, and in the capacity for dialogue he achieves.

The spaces he creates do not overtax forms, thus making it possible for us to pause for a moment while awakening all our senses. Time stands still, so that we may experience true contemplation.

Architecture, according to this architect—someone who is always creating, and taking human sentiment into account—can be the start of an enjoyable and enriching life experience. He creates these spaces so that good things can start happening.

“While the work is strikingly his own, the dreams of many architects are embodied and transformed in the work of Aragonés.”
Michael Sorkin


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